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Auto Body Repair Shop In Tanglewood

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Auto Body Repair Shop Tanglewood

Reyna Auto Body Clinic has been a respected auto body repair shop in Tanglewood since 1967. Edward Taylor came into our shop in mid-December of 2009. We clearly recall it was the winter season as Christmas decorations were hung up all around Tanglewood during the season. Because Edward had little experience driving in cold weather which produced black ice on the road, his car slid into a light pole causing major damage to his car. Fortunately his car took most of the damage, and Edward walked away from the accident with no major injuries to himself. He was, however, worried about the financial cost of repairing his vehicle. Our staff at Reyna's Auto Body Clinic was able to give him the professional help he needed to get back on the road.

Edward's Visit To Reyna Auto Body Repair Shop In Tanglewood:

Seeing a sharp, narrow dent in the front of Edward's car, we speculated that he collided with a light pole or barrier guard. It's not uncommon for more accidents to happen in Tanglewood during the winter seasons as drivers are less experienced driving in cold conditions.

Our experienced technicians have dealt with many frontal car collisions and could quickly estimate the damage cost to Edward's vehicle. Luckily the collision happened at a low speed and none of the major internal, expensive parts were heavily damaged. His car did however require body repair and restoration to be drivable again. Our experience technicians quickly began helping Edward with his collision.

Edward's Experience With Reyna's Auto Body Repair Shop In Tanglewood:

Reyna's Auto Body Clinic has served Tanglewood, Texas for nearly 40 years, we see a rise in accidents every year during winter seasons. Our mechanics were able to help repair Edward's car with our auto body repair shop in Tanglewood. We understood that Edward, like most people in Tanglewood, relied heavily on his vehicle to complete necessary day to day activities.

It was Edward's main concern that his car be repaired and drivable as quickly as possible. After our experience technicians gave Edward an accurate estimation of damages, we were ready to proceed with the repairs. Edward was both relieved and ecstatic when we were able to get his vehicle back on the road in under a week! Contact Reyna's friendly staff for more information about auto body repair shop in Tanglewood and get a free estimate on your vehicle today.