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Reyna Auto Body Clinic has been providing collision repair in Spring Branch, Texas since 1967. With our extensive history in Spring Branch, we have had numerous accounts of collision stories. From fender benders to full on traffic accidents, we've seen all forms of damage imposed onto vehicles. Additionally, we've also had the pleasure of meeting and helping the people behind these unfortunate events. The following is one of our most memorable stories of collision repair in Spring Branch that happened to a longtime customer Dan Miller.

The Unfortunate Event Of Dan's Collision In Spring Branch:

Unlike some clients who are involved in motor accidents, Dan was a slow and careful driver. He had a calm demeanor, and the way he drove reflected it perfectly. Having known Dan personally through a friend, we were quite surprised when he came to our auto body repair shop with heavy damage to this passenger side door. At first our speculation was that he was involved in a traffic accident in which a careless driver ran into him while switching lanes. In fact though, Dan had been a victim of a hit and run while his car was parked safely at a convenience store – a situation which could happen to anyone.

How We Helped With Dan's Collision Repair In Spring

Reyna's Auto Body Clinic has been providing guaranteed quality collision repairs in the Spring Branch area since 1967.  In addition to Auto Body Repair, Reyna's also provides the following services as well: dent removal glass replacement, frame repair, detailing and polishing and refinishing on all major foreign and domestic makes and models. Reyna’s gets you back on the road starting with a detailed and accurate description of the work to be performed on your vehicle.  With hundreds of satisfied customers passing through our collision repair shop year after year, we understand the importance of delivering the highest quality and completing repairs in the shortest possible time period for all of our customers including Dan.   Our technicians were quickly able to first identify whether minor or major repairs were needed on Dan's vehicle. A great concern to Dan would be the cost of repair and what was necessary to get him back on the road. Luckily we were able to conclude that it was only minor damages that could be fixed utilizing our state-of-the-art equipment and experienced technicians. Dan was back on the road within a week! To get more information about collision repair in Spring Branch or a free estimate, give us a call today.